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Free seminar by O'Friel Coaching & Consulting coming to the Bridgeville Library. Re-Energize Yourself At Work will be presented on Monday, August 12th at 6:30 pm!

Stuck in a career rut? Tired of seeing others advance ahead of you? During this interactive discussion, we will explore ways you can jump start your career, fight your own negativity, and achieve your professional goals.

RSVP to robert@ofrielconsulting.com

Difference Maker from

Coaching & Consulting

15 Minutes To Feel Good.  Review Your Week's Progress.

Take 15 minutes right now and list out as many accomplishments and tasks completed this past week.  No task is too big or small.  You did the grocery shopping, and paid the utility bills.  And you finished writing that report at work.  Did you remove any obstacles this week (see last week's difference maker)?

We often don't think we accomplish much at all, because we don't really take a few minutes to take inventory of what we did this week.  Even the small, daily tasks are important, and when you take a few minutes to review your week, you may be pleasantly surprise to see just how much you really did.  

June 5, 2014--Weekly Difference Maker from O'Friel
Coaching & Consulting
15 Minutes Of Planning= 1 Week's Progress
What are three things that are holding you back right now?  Take no more than 5 minutes and list out three obstacles, or three things you are "putting up with".  Which of these three will have the most impact?  Take five more minutes and list
out three things you can do over the next week to remove one obstacle.  Take just five more minutes and enter specific times into your schedule over the next week to take those actions.  You now have a plan that will move you forward in some way over the next week.  Repeat as necessary.
Ready for something new, or recently downsized?
Our "Quick Change" plan can help.  In just four coaching sessions over 2-4 weeks, this package can help you bring clarity to your personal situation and options and sets you in motion with purpose.

The package includes a free, 30 minute phone consultation, 4 one hour coaching sessions to assess your situation and options, and to enact a plan that keeps you moving forward towards the next chapter in your life.  You will also receive a complimentary resume review.  This package is being offered now at a discounted rate of $300.

For more details, call Robert O'Friel at 724-816-0819 or email robert@ofrielconsulting.com
Initial Free Consultation (30-60 minutes)           No cost, no obligation!
Individual Coaching
Resume Review                                                         
Resume Review and Re-Write                                  
Other services available:  Mock Interviews, Networking Assistance
Group/Corporate Coaching            
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